Temporary www.koreandramas.net Chat

12/23/08 - No current issues at this time. Happy Holidays everyone!

If you are not on the site's external mailing list please send Theresa (mtlandis) an email at mtlandis at yahoo.com.

You must have JAVA installed for the CHAT portion to work. If you normally use the 3rd option to chat (CGI script option) the temporary chat may not work. If you need to install JAVA you can download it from http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp.

When you connect to the chat you will need to change your nickname by typing your desired nick (i.e. mtlandis) in the white box at the bottom right corner of the chat applet and hitting ENTER. You will then see KDramaFan### is now known as nickname (i.e. KdramaFan### is now know as mtlandis). If you cannot change your nickname or see something from -Nickserv- you will have to choose a different nickname.

You can now type text in the long white area above the part that has #koreandramas at the bottom of the chat applet.